Feeling Blue or Stuck?

Are you feeling stuck in emotions that you can't seem to get away from? Quite often, the outlook on life drives our feelings and emotions - let's explore this topic! Let me help you get 'unstuck' and explore new ways of looking at your current life experiences and the future.

Codependency and Addiction

The topic of codependency and addiction comes up a lot...for a lot of people. You're not alone - certainly. It doesn't matter what type of codependency or addiction you are struggling with because the core issues are always the same. Let's talk about what drives codependency or addiction in your life.

Exploring Core Beliefs

Do you want to understand yourself better? Did you know that you have core human needs, driving your behaviors and decisions in your life? Let me show you how to explore your core beliefs and how to cultivate new beliefs through conducting a rapid assessment of your core human needs.

Developing Goals

Developing goals sounds easy, but there are many obstacles that you might be facing in life, impacting your goal attainment. Through looking at goal attainment in life coaching sessions, we will look at, analyze, and evaluate your short and long-term goals and create objectives to meet them. You can do it!


Are you struggling with parenting, or maybe you've been mandated by a state agency to take parenting classes? Do you yell and scream at your children? Do you often feel frustrated and at a loss? Do you need to learn how to help your children better manage behaviors and cope with everyday life? Perhaps you've just hit a roadblock and would like a new outlook on parenting? I've worked as an in-home clinician helping parents improve and learn new parenting skills for years - let me help you!

Educational Attainment

Figuring out what to do next in life is hard. I get it. I've worked for many years on my own education and have some help to offer you! I've also worked with college students for over a decade and as a professional student mentor - let's chart a path!